11 Aug 2021

New Blackpool Families Rock app launched for Blackpool Council

New Blackpool Families Rock app launched for Blackpool Council

Last week saw the launch of a new app for Blackpool Families Rock on behalf of the Children's Services team at Blackpool Council.

The Blackpool Families Rock App is an extension of our Care Leavers App and now includes guidance for children in care, helping them find out information about where they might live and what it is like living with foster parents.

There is also advice about social workers and the role they will play in children's lives and what children can expect from their social worker.

There is further signposting for those who might be worried about a child, along with details about the Pledge that Blackpool Council have made to their looked after children and young people, and like our other apps all content can be translated into other languages at the touch of a button.

Alongside the information and advice, Blackpool Families Rock includes an integrated secure messaging service - providing a safe channel between young people and the team at Blackpool.

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