IAS Web Sites for Camden and Westminster

Independent web sites for the SENDIASS teams at both the London Borough of Camden and the City of Westminster have helped both IAS Services provide information, advice and guidance to families with SEND on a 24/7 basis.

With digital, provision of information has changed completely, and people expect to be able to access help and support at times that suit them and around their busy lives. Additionally, families expect SENDIASS teams to be at arms-length from their governing local authority to help emphasise the impartiality of the service. With both Camden and Westminster’s IAS web sites based on a bespoke and independent ‘look and feel’ that is free of corporate branding, this impartiality has been re-inforced.

Laptop showing Westminster SENDIASS web site

The web sites have also allowed the teams at Westminster and Camden to develop their own tone and language to use on the site, free of jargon and helping establish a rapport with families immediately. The SENDIASS web site for City of Westminster Council also includes a Blog, ideal for publishing latest articles around legislation and best practice, but also a good opportunity to take a more informal ‘behind the scenes’ look at the Westminster team, helping to humanise the service.

Our experience is that providing a resource like this for specific, targeted user groups - such as parent carers - has always led to positive engagement and a ‘feel good’ response. Parents feel they are being catered for and being listened to and have something they can make a contribution towards.

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