Care Leavers App

The Care Leavers' App has been specifically built for local authorities looking to deliver their care leavers a tailored, purpose built offer.

Highly accessible, the App presents information, advice and guidance to young people using technology they are already using in their day-to-day life. Transitioning from a looked after environment to independence is of course both challenging and exciting and there’s lots to consider and plan for - having a resource like the Care Leavers' App is designed to guide and assist throughout these changes.

The Care Leavers App provides young people with advice on key topics including:

  •  the Pathway Plan.
  •  Entitlements and Benefits.
  •  the role of their Personal Adviser.
  •  and a range of information about day-to-day living such as:
    • housing and finding a home.
    • employment, education and training.
    • mental health.
    • managing finances.
    • keeping healthy.

The Care Leavers' App functions without an internet connection - meaning it can be used in locations of no or low wifi, and local authority teams can update App content at any time through an easy-to-use content management system for which full training is provided.

The App also provides important shortcuts for young people wishing to contact their Personal Adviser and other local services offering help and support.

You can see an interactive overview of some of the main features of the App in our video below:

The Government has made a commitment that:
"all young people leaving care should be better prepared and supported to live independently"
and we believe the Care Leavers' App can play a crucial role in making that happen. 

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