Care Leavers App

Local authorities across the UK are using the Care Leavers App to engage with and support young people who are leaving care.

Entirely co-produced with care leavers themselves, the App also now includes Secure Messaging which allows a local authority to stay in touch in a safe, secure way using real-time messaging. 

Content on the Care Leavers App can be customised by each local authority, and once installed, it can be accessed without wifi or using phone data. Over one hundred languages are supported.

The App allows local authorities to publish their care leaver local offer using a tech that young people use in their day to day lives. Our own experience shows poor engagement rates when a local offer is published on a corporate website, or as a printed leaflet.

The App supports:

  • a directory of services: for listing local organisations, support groups, colleges, health centres, libraries and other services that offer support to young people.
  • a calendar of events: helping to reduce social isolation.
  • customisable sections of information, advice and guidance across a range of topics including housing, entitlements, managing money, health and wellbeing and preparing to leave care. 
  • mini-address book for storing contact details of important people.
  • integration with secure messaging and the creaton and publication of digital surveys.

The Care Leavers App is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

You can find out more about how the App is being used to provide care leavers with a local offer in our blog article: the Care Leavers App and the Care Leavers Local Offer.

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