1 Big Database

1 Big Database is a cross local authority project providing childcare and family information on behalf of Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council. 1 Big Database ensures both local authorities meet duties from the Childcare Act and those extended by the Childcare Bill 2015.

1 Big Database seamlessly integrates with Early Years systems from both Capita One and Tribal Synergy and also supports the publication of additional childcare information so that providers can enhance the data that Ofsted publishes about them.

Over 50% of web site visitors use the childcare searches on 1 Big Database which includes a number of 'parent friendly' features including the ability to view childcare providers based on which schools and early years setting they pick-up from.

A sister site specifically for Bath and North East Somerset Council - 1 Big Database BathNES - was launched in November 2016 with a focus on information and content for the BathNES region.


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