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Nottinghamshire Council - Care Leavers App

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The Brief

Nottinghamshire County Council and the county’s seven district councils started their Care Leavers App journey in February 2020.

As of October 2021, Nottinghamshire had:
• 300 young people who are care leavers.
• 250 16–17-year olds who are looked after, and transitioning to Leaving Care at 18.
• 435 21Plus young people.
• A return rate of 70-80% of their 21Plus young people.
• A contact rate of 98% of all their Care Leavers.

Our Approach

Nottinghamshire launched its Care Leavers App at the same time as its Local Offer website, and wanted to ensure their Care Leavers had as many ways as possible to access their Local Offer, services and events.

By incorporating the Care Leavers App into their leaving care services, they were able to offer both easier access to communication, and also encourage
their young people to make use of the local offer, support that is offered and to continue to act as a corporate parent to their children beyond their
transition to adulthood.

Initial concern that anyone could download and view the App was unfounded and, by embracing this and understanding that there are other potential users for the Notts Next Steps App, such as professionals from partner agencies, this has encouraged further inter-agency working.

This includes contact from organisations to see if young people are accessing or able to access support and has therefore assisted young people who are
identified as care leavers in Nottinghamshire.

One of the benefits the team has seen with the app is access to information and keeping in touch with their care leavers. This was proven especially positive throughout the pandemic as they needed to explore alternative ways to keep in touch and communicate with their young people.

The Future

In the future, the app will be used to identify the ever-changing and growing opportunities around employment, education and training as well as
encouraging participation from young people.

As part of their Achievement Offer for young people aged 17-18,the team hold online sessions with Nottingham Trent University, to help those who are
thinking about Higher Education within a university setting. By advertising the sessions, dates and information in the app, Nottinghamshire’s young people can look at these events in their own time and do not have to be connected to the internet whilst browsing. Young people are then able to contact their Achievement Advisor to be included in the session.

Nottinghamshire County Council is looking at increasing the amount of information on the app about education, employment and training opportunities for young people and updating the app at least weekly with information and offers.

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