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London Borough of Hounslow - Care Leavers App

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The Brief

Hounslow Council started their Care Leavers App journey in February 2022. They wanted to provide an app to encourage engagement and provide information to their Care Leavers.

Hounslow Council are currently in the process of developing their app in consultation with their young people. From this, the Care Leavers have requested their app to include bespoke seasonal background changes. This feature changes the design of the app depending on the season, giving 
more interest and variety to users, and allowing additional design input from care leavers during the consultation phase.

Our Approach

Hounslow is one of the capital's most diverse boroughs and as of August 2022, Hounslow have: 290 Care Leavers. Hounslow are currently communicating with their young people through traditional methods, such as text, emails, phone calls and face to face visits. They want to increase participation 
and engagement with care leavers, with the aim that their Care Leavers App would increase involvement in events and speed up access to current information and services. Some young people in Hounslow have explained they do not know what their rights and entitlements are and the team 
are passionate about Care Leavers knowing what they are entitled to and wanted to provide a tool that provides all young people with information and advice, in a medium young people prefer to use – an app - and ensure they can update information, events and opportunities quickly to ensure 
continued engagement. 

What's Next

Hounslow believe their young people are more likely to respond and access opportunities and information on an app, as they are able to look at what they need in their own time, immediately – even offline. The team are able to keep in touch and promote any updates using push notifications. 
Young people can see the app as something constant for them. The app will signpost young people to different aspects of help ensuring they know the world of leaving care is not as narrow as they might previously have thought, and just how much support is actually available to increase their 
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