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Family Hubs App

A modern, accessible and welcoming App for children and families. Provides information, guidance, events and messaging facilities.

The Family Hubs App is a centralised single point of reference for families and new parents which can be accessed on a 24/7 basis. Provide a wide range of information, guidance and signposting. Interactive events and messaging facilities. Publish Family Hubs and Start for Life offer. The App is available on both iOS and Android mobile phone operating systems and in multiple languages.

The App is designed to ensure that community and two-way conversation are at the heart of family support. The Family Hubs App meets all legislation for digital accessibility and is the perfect complimentary digital tool to the Family Hubs programme.


  • Content Management System
  • Customisable design and content across a range of subjects including infant feeding, debt advice and mental health support
  • Searchable directory of services, groups and organisations; helping connect families to support in their local area
  • Events calendar for promoting activities, including those taking place at Family Hub sites - helping reduce social isolation sometimes felt by new parents
  • Available in multiple languages and with accessibility tools
  • ‘Social Media’ style encrypted messaging platform
  • Keep in touch with push notifications
  • Safeguarding and privacy features such as managing users, screen names secure login and reporting posts
  • Secure and safe social-media space where resources such as articles, posts, videos and documents can be shared, liked and commented
  • Creation and publication of unlimited digital surveys which parents can complete through the website and / or app
  • Inclusion of data from third party services such as NHS Digital
  • Gather wishes and feelings of your users


  • Make it easier for parents, carers and young people to access the help and support they need by bringing together different services and types of support. 
  • Respond to a fast paced and changing environment, working to specific deadlines 
  • Work with children, young people and families to co-produce the design and pathway of the tool, to ensure it is as easy to use, accessible and child friendly as possible. 
  • Provide an interactive information and communication tool that meets government legislation and guidelines.


  • Improved mental and physical health through access to information. 
  • Better managed substance use via finding local support groups and services. 
  • Improved family relationships resulting from being part of a community of peers. 
  • Good early years development through access to useful resources, information and guidance.

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