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Digital Day Service

Promote independence, for individuals in adult social care, empower residents and reduce social isolation.

The Digital Day Service provides a ‘virtual’ alternative to vulnerable people who are unable or would prefer not to physically attend day services. 

Co-designed with end users the solution provides an open chat “virtual café” which replicates the experience of walking into a coffee shop and joining friends for a chat, helping to reduce solution isolation. It also allows community hubs to schedule and stream classes, events, and activities to increase access to services and reduce operational costs of home-care support.


  • Audit report & moderation
  • Bespoke information pages such as online safety
  • ‘Buddies’ feature to link friends
  • Add capacity/waiting lists for sessions
  • Customised to your organisation to encourage collaboration and conversation
  • Connect with visiting experts
  • Gain feedback on classes, events and activities to shape future service delivery
  • Increase accessibility of services beyond traditional 'office opening hours'
  • Easy referrals with invite a friend
  • Virtual resource library of videos and movies with YouTube and Vimeo integration
  • Safeguarding and privacy features such as security controls to monitor usage and prevent misuse
  • Improve information and communication, learn new skills and join classes. 
  • Grow 'support network' around vulnerable people - build new friendships in the virtual café
  • Schedule and stream classes, events and activities.


  • Ensures vulnerable people can still access local services.
  • Increase accessibility of services beyond the traditional ‘office opening hours’.
  • Grow ‘support network’ around vulnerable people through building new friendships in the virtual café.
  • Reduce social isolation.
  • Encourage your community in maintaining their independence.
  • Improve information and communication.
  • Boost participation in Day Opportunities.
  • Providing digital access to services.
  • Empower Residents.
  • Ensure early intervention.
  • Improved digital inclusion.
  • Innovative and ready for the future.
  • Increased choice enabling people to have control over their lives, improving outcomes.


  • Improving and increasing engagement levels with adult social care users in community hub day services
  • Reducing social isolation and loneliness
  • Improving wellbeing and mental health
  • Increasing access to other local services
  • Reducing operational costs for home-care support

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