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Digital Community Platform

Changing the way you engage with the community. Keep in touch with surveys, secure messaging and posting. Ensuring communication is simple.

The Digital Community Platform is being used by local authorities throughout the UK to support and help teams to keep in touch with the community. Communicate and engage with users through a secure messaging portal, post ‘social media’ styled updates in real-time and send bespoke surveys.

Co-produced through a series of engagement and participation workshops, the platform is available on both desktop iOS and Android mobile phone operating systems and in multiple languages.

The communication platform includes three communication and engagement tools in one, to help you keep in touch and gather the thoughts of your young people, families and parents. Changing the way local authorities and organisations engage.


  • Customised to your organisation to encourage collaboration and conversation
  • Transfer encrypted files, documents photos and images
  • Promote virtual and physical events and find out who is interested
  • User registration and group management?
  • Easily access survey responses
  • Set availability statuses
  • Secure private messaging
  • Notify users when they receive new messages
  • Keep up to date, post content and access news feeds
  • Keep in touch with push notifications
  • Safeguarding and privacy features such as managing users, screen names secure login and reporting posts
  • Send updates, events and information to different groups
  • Creation and publication of bespoke and unlimited surveys
  • Gather wishes and feelings of your users


  • Meet duties by listening to the wishes and feelings or your young people, parents, families and community, while making it easier to keep in touch. 
  • Increases engagement with residents through meaningful participation using digital tools used day-to-day. 
  • Ensure your young people, parents, families and community are quickly updated to any changes that affect them, with a simple post.  
  • Improve engagement of your service by allowing your young people, parents, families and community to get in touch quickly.


  • Increased take up of local services 
  • Reduced social isolation 
  • Improve digital engagement and help the community keep in touch. 
  • A safe, secure and controlled online environment in which to build a community.


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