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Early Help App

Information and resources for professionals and practitioners working with families, including troubled families.

The Early Help App is changing the way professionals and practitioners' source early intervention information, advice and guidance when they are working with families, including troubled families, or have concerns about children that they have responsibilities for. Providing a bespoke app that helps to keep everyone up to date with easy access to organisations.

Not only does the App increase access, engagement and awareness of the local and national support available, it also signposts to additional information such as referral into services and local events and activities.


  • Pages of information, advice and guidance around your Early Help and Intervention service
  • Customised to your organisation
  • Searchable directory of local services and support
  • Obtain valuable service user feedback
  • Available on both iOS and Android devices
  • Content available in over one hundred languages
  • Provide a one stop information resource for professionals working with troubled families
  • Use push notifications to alert users to new and promoted content
  • Reporting and statistics on App usage
  • Resource library full of your useful documents, such as policies and factsheets
  • Create and publish simple surveys
  • Once installed, functions without a network connection or poor phone signal


  • Understand the impact of your services and gather feedback through simple surveys. 
  • Use the latest digital technology to signpost users to further support. 
  • Provide a one stop information resource for professionals working with troubled families 
  • Ensure professionals can find information to help and direct others.


  • Increased engagement between the team, professionals and practitioners in the local area. 
  • Increase take up of services by improving awareness of local organisations and support.

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