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Melissa Kirkup

Account Manager

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As a resident ‘momager’ (yes, I do report to my adorable toddler boss), I bring a unique mix of creativity and precision to our client accounts, turning visions into masterpieces while strategically planning and implementing improvements for both the technical aspects and customer relationships.

Much like Dora the Explorer (backpack and all!), I am fuelled by a passion for exploring and researching more effective and efficient ways of working. I take great pride in team collaboration, embracing every challenge with a sense of wonder and excitement.

With a background in delivering world class services from my time with Emirates Airlines and McDonalds, I understand that attention to detail and exceptional client care are crucial to building and maintaining lasting relationships.

For me, service is not just my job, it’s my attitude, and I embody this ethos in every aspect of my work to ensure an experience which goes above and beyond expectations.

What is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

The coolest thing I am currently working on is streamlining processes for delivering standardised services to our clients, whilst ensuring everyone still feels like a VIP.

Picture this: Optimised workflows like a barista crafting the perfect latte – bold, smooth, delightful, tailored to your taste and leaving you wanting more!

In a nutshell, I am conjuring up an experience that’ll have you brewing up success and ensuring its anything but a bland cuppa.

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