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Rachel Oduro

Account Manager

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I’m the middleman between where a client is and where they want to be! On one hand, I act as an internal advocate for clients and represent them in ways that allow focusgov to facilitate their needs. On the other hand, I also work directly with clients to understand what their goals and objectives are and develop strategies to ensure they achieve success. At its heart of hearts, my role is largely about relationships, and I love the dynamics involved.

I have a lot of appreciation for the customer journey, as well as several years of client-facing experience with small businesses and large enterprises, so I really enjoy building long term relationships and continuously developing my understanding of a client, and their definition of success (as this can change with the times)!

Working within tech for good is extremely rewarding to me, as I feel like I’m not only making a difference organisationally, but there are so many interpersonal levels to it that I have so many opportunities to make what could be a life-changing difference.

What is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

I’m currently working with a consulting firm who collect, assess, and provide psychodynamic data to determine peoples' dispositions in an organisational capacity. Kind of like understanding peoples' personalities within business. Very cool!

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