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Opening a Door to New Opportunities: My First Few Months in Retrospect at focusgov

Published: 30/08/2023

Author: focusgov

Melissa Kirkup looks back at her first few months at focusgov.

The first few months of any new job are both daunting and exciting, you have a blank canvas, a fresh start and are equip with enthusiasm, curiosity and if you are like me, you are filled with a zest to make a significant impact. My first few months at focusgov have given me a chance to paint a picture showcasing my journey of new experiences and skills, my endeavours of collaboration and portraying the joy I have been able to encompass from a work-life balance.

From day one at focusgov, the team have welcomed me with open arms, my colleagues have become my mentors and truly embraced sharing their knowledge with me, encouraging questions and supporting new ideas. Only a few months in and I have been able to get thoroughly involved in various projects, which have pushed me to think innovatively and develop new skills encouraging growth in new territories and encouraging new processes for efficiency both for internal and external persons. I have implemented a new way of reporting for our clients and defined some key process structures for briefing tasks internally to provide our clients with the most streamlined experience. 
I am so grateful for the structure between work and personal life at focusgov. The company have created a culture, an environment where I am not just another number but a valued contributor and that is truly rewarding. I am very excited for what the future holds for focusgov as a company as well as for myself and my personal growth. If there is anything I have learnt thus far, that nothing is out of reach here at focusgov.