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The Promise

Published: 10/11/2023

Author: Jessica Higgins

How the Care Leavers App supports Scotland's Promise to Care Leavers

In Scotland, a significant transformation in the care system is underway, inspired by the 'Promise'—a commitment to ensure that every child in care grows up loved, safe, and respected. This Promise was endorsed in 2019 by the Independent Care Review. To uphold this promise, various innovative initiatives and tools have been developed, one of which is the Care Leavers App by focusgov.

Scotland's Promise and the Need for Change

Care-experienced children and young people have often faced a range of challenges, from frequent changes in placements to limited opportunities for decision-making in their own lives. The Promise was born out of a deep desire to rectify these issues and provide care leavers with a brighter future. 
Scotland's Promise is built on five key principles:

  • Listening to the voices of care-experienced individuals. 
  • Ensuring that children in care and care leavers are loved and cherished. 
  • Making sure that children's rights are respected and upheld. 
  • Building strong, lasting relationships. 
  • Encouraging continuous improvement within the care system.
The Care Leavers App: 
The Care Leavers App aligns perfectly with the principles of Scotland's Promise. The user-friendly, mobile application serves as a vital tool to empower care leavers as they transition into independent living and adulthood. Here's how the app supports each of the Promise's principles:

  • Listening to Voices: The app provides a platform for care leavers to share their experiences, concerns, and aspirations. Through its communication features, care leavers can connect with the team, ensuring their voices are heard and valued. 
  • Loved and Cherished: By providing a support system that goes beyond traditional care arrangements, the Care Leavers App ensures that care-experienced individuals feel loved, valued, and connected. They can access resources and guidance that can help them navigate the challenges of independent living. 
  • Upholding Children's Rights: The app contains your essential information on rights, entitlements, and legal matters relevant to care leavers. It empowers young adults with the knowledge they need to advocate for themselves, ensuring that their rights are upheld. 
  • Building Strong Relationships: The Care Leavers App encourages the formation of lasting connections. Care leavers can connect with mentors, peers, and support organisations, fostering relationships that provide guidance, emotional support, and a sense of belonging. 
  • Continuous Improvement: Through co-production session, the app allows care leavers to provide insights and suggestions for system improvement. This input is invaluable for policymakers and organisations striving to enhance the care experience. 
The Care Leavers App stands as a powerful ally in Scotland's mission to fulfil its Promise to care-experienced children and young people. By promoting communication, empowerment, and support, helping young people as they transition into adulthood. It reinforces the principles of the Promise by ensuring that care-experienced individuals are not just heard but also equipped with the tools and knowledge needed for success.

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