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Reflecting on a Year of Growth and Innovation focusgov's 2023 in Review

Published: 13/12/2023

Author: Jessica Higgins

It's time to take a moment and reflect on the incredible journey that focusgov has embarked upon over the past year.

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to take a moment and reflect on the incredible journey that focusgov has embarked upon over the past year. With new faces joining our ranks, exciting launches, and a commitment to continuous improvement, it's safe to say that focusgov has had a remarkable year. 

Welcoming New Talent
One of the highlights of 2023 was the addition of several talented individuals to our ever-expanding family. Michael Reddy, Michael Petrov, Rachel Oduro, Maya Ifrim, Reece Barrett, Melissa Kirkup, Tyler Samuelson and Angela Minto joined our in-house technical and client services teams. Their expertise and enthusiasm have undoubtedly contributed to the positive strides we've made throughout the year. 

Launching New Initiatives
Innovation has been at the heart of focusgov, and 2023 saw the launch of several ground-breaking projects. The Care Leavers App made its debut in Ealing, North Yorkshire, North Ayrshire, and North Lincolnshire, providing valuable support to those transitioning from care. Additionally, we unveiled the redesigned focusgov website, offering an enhanced user experience and accessibility. 

Revamping and Enhancing 
focusgov worked on refining existing platforms, with a notable redesign and redevelopment of the Hartlepool Now App. This partner app to the HP Now website underwent significant improvements, ensuring seamless navigation and an enriched user experience. 

Our dedication to enhancing childcare provision led to notable upgrades in the Hartlepool Now platform, which incorporates an Ofsted integration. This collaboration with Ofsted reinforces our commitment to delivering accurate and reliable information to our users.
All Together Now, Hartlepool's Digital Day Service launched early this year, providing a virtual café, and online event space and digital library, helping tackle social isolation and loneliness. 

Exploring New Territories
The past year was marked by exciting visits to Redcar, Ealing, Hartlepool and Achieving for Children where we engaged with local communities and gained valuable insights into their unique needs. Additionally, we had the privilege of participating in events such as the Hampshire SELIS and NCAS with the Care Leavers App and Digital Day Service, further expanding our network and fostering collaborative partnerships. 

A Focus on Accessibility
Our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility remained a key priority in 2023. focusgov implemented changes and innovations to ensure our platforms are accessible to all users. We continually strive to set new standards in user-friendly design and functionality. 

2023 has been a year of growth, innovation, and collaboration for focusgov. We express our gratitude to our team members, partners, and the communities we serve. As we eagerly anticipate the opportunities that 2024 will bring, focusgov remains committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we touch.